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How to Share Your Story
How to Share…Anything!
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 How to Share Your Story

Tell us your story. We are not alone.

Please send all contributions to:

  • Submissions can be: opinion pieces, advice columns, personal stories, editorials on news articles, etc.
  • Please send in a Microsoft Word document or in the body of an email.
  • 1,500 word count maximum.
  • Add a heading at the top.
  • Can add or attach up to two photos
  • Add your name at the bottom. You can also add a blurb, a picture, and a link to your own website.
  • Please add any trigger warnings for traumatic or violent events. The websites rating allows language to a minimum (swearing is okay but not too frequently) and avoid writing the descriptions in a very graphic manner.

Your post will be featured on the front page under New Posts as well as in the subscriber email. Your post will be archived by month and year as well as searchable by keyword.

Remember: Do not directly call out names or slam the narcissist in your life.
Their words and actions can speak for themselves.
Use your story as a way to heal and in turn help others.
Rise above it.

How to Share…Anything!

  • Your Blog
  • Quotes
  • Pictures
  • Links to stories
  • Links to helpful articles
  • Videos
  • Book, Music, Audio, Video, Movie recommendations
  • Illustrations
  • Commentary or editorials on news stories regarding narcissism

What you share will be featured on the email to subscribers and as well placed into either the Resources page or Community Contributions portion of the website.

If you would like to write a sentence or two on why you are sharing what you are sharing attach it in the body of the email along with your contribution.

Please note if your share is an original or already exists on the interwebs. If gathering any material from the interwebs that is not original please make sure that you have and send along clearance from the author/owner.

 Other Ways to Participate

Feel free to comment on stories in Community Contributions posts. Most recent posts are featured at the bottom of the front page. Other ways to find stories to use the search bar to find specific words, find stories under particular categories, as well as search the archives. These features are all found on the front page.

The webmaster, me, is always available as well. If you would like to send me a direct email please do at