Welcome to Echo’s Corner

In Greek mythology, Echo fell in love with the beautiful Narcissus. Because of a curse put upon her she was only able to speak the last few words of what anyone said to her. Echo could not vocalize her love for Narcissus but mirrored merely what he spoke to her. She sadly watched as he fell more and more in love with himself than in return with her.

The vision behind this site is to create a hub for all the burgeoning sources of information on narcissism as well as build a sense of community and inclusiveness for visitors that are looking for information, help, or both. This site is dedicated to you, connect with other’s stories and please share your own. (See how in the Community Contributions page)

Be kind and remember this is not a place to call out names or slam the narcissist– please tell your story with an intention to help and understand yourself, free yourself from the pain and, in turn, to reach out and help others too. Remember, narcissists love attention; any publicity is good publicity to them. As to promote good healing practices we move bad practices like name-calling aside and promote healthier ways of responding. Remember- don’t feed the monster.

I am not a licensed therapist; this is all purely years of experience, interest, and research. Please see the Resources page to see links on how to find and select a therapist.
If you are in any danger, trouble, or in harm’s way please contact local authorities or someone you trust to help you.